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Business Stategies with Boss Project

Welcome to our NEW monthly, live classes on actionable business stategies for the Dubsado Community by our friends at Boss Project.

Dubsado is thrilled to partner with Boss Project bringing you free webinars each month!

Join us for a monthly training hosted by our friends, Abagail & Emylee from Boss Project. Abagail & Emylee have been kicking online booty and impacting lives since 2015 and want to share everything they know with you!

We know so many business owners are pivoting on the fly right now. So whether you're creating a brand new digital product or redefining your services we can help you generate some buzz and launch it! Join us for this FREE training so we can walk you through 5 (totally free!) ways to generate buzz around your offer and 3 of our favorite strategies to get it launched. Watch until the end so you can snag our free book that covers 10 more organic ways to generate buzz and 8 more ways to launch!

Have an idea you want Abagail & Emylee to cover? Let us know in our community!  

You have dreams worth achieving.

About Abagail & Emylee

We know that you have dreams worth achieving. Helping you reach them (and getting paid to do it) has been our goal since 2014 when we founded Boss Project. After working in our own businesses full time (Abbie a designer and Emylee a photographer) we decided it was our mission to get as many creatives as possible earning a full time income from their passion. Since then we’ve helped over 6k students in our programs, grown a community of like minded creators, and produced a top ranking business podcast all with you in mind. We’ve been dubbed creators’ biz fairy godmothers so don’t hesitate to dig around the many resources we have available for you! You can join our thriving community at bossproject.com/community, listen to our show at bossproject.com/podcast or checkout our most popular - and free - training at bossproject.com/dreamjob.  

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Competely Free

For the Bossado (Boss Project and Dubsado Community) all this content is brought to you completely free. No catch! Abagail and Emylee just wants to share their awesome tips and tricks.

Actionable Content

This is not a wishy-washy webinar series. Come prepared to get lots of knock-your-socks-off strategies for your business!

Some future webinar topics

Creating a 5 day Welcome Sequence The Boss Project BURRITO method (a highly converting webinar outline) How to Plan for Time Off Creating a Product Hierarchy How to prep for a Lifestyle Photoshoot How to Start a Podcast Understanding KPIs and When to Pay Yourself  

We will be polling the top choices along with many other topics in our Dubsado Facebook Community every so often as well!

What are you waiting for? It is completely free!