The 14 Day "We Got This" Challenge

Let's use these setbacks to our advantage. Taking this slow time to go time. Kick your home and business in high gear during this crazy season of life by tackling items strategically one thing at a time. 💁🏼Working alongside so many other creatives doing the same thing, we will come out stronger. Join us! 👇


March 17-31st JOIN US.

What is it: Daily lives to chat about progress and action items delivered right to you each day in the challenge that will help you conquer everything you might have once been putting off. Come out of this time stronger in business and kickin' butt at home. 💪🏼Together we can do this! 

Who's it for: Everyone with a business who's wanting to get through this time on top and ready for a busy season ahead.

In this challenge you will...

🏡Declutter your home so you can work with a clear mind

🎉Carve out time to spice up your social media game

💪Endorphines, stay fit mentally and physically

☺️Plan out family items so you can work peacefully

🤗Solidify your marketing tips and tricks

👊Carve out time to update systems, emails and more..